Multimedia Laboratory

Interview with photographer | Rona Chang

Why do you take photos?

Photographing is a way that helps me interpret my surroundings and to understand them.

Describe your start in photography.

As a kid, I really enjoyed arts and crafts. I tried out for Laguradia H.S. here in the city and got in for the art program. It was great having a foundation program and the chance to explore different mediums. Because I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, it was easy to fall in love with doing work in the darkroom. Pretty soon I was spending my lunch hour in there because I couldn’t get enough during class.

Who are some of your favorite photographers and why do you admire their work?

I’m a big admirer of Joel Sternfeld’s work. I’ve been a long time fan of his sense of humor paired with his palette. Lately, I’ve been falling deeper and deeper in love with my friend Alison Rossiter’s work. She works in the darkroom making abstractions with her collections of expired papers. The richness of the black in her prints and her experiments in the darkroom are a world away from what I do. It’s refreshing to look at her work and to hear about her process.

What is your greatest experience as a photographer?

I think it’s yet to come. I have big dreams.
What equipment do you prefer to use and why?

I shoot with a Mamiya  7. It’s light weight and it travels well.

Describe your editing process (i.e. How do you go about selecting, retouching and printing your photographs?)

I look at my contacts for a while. Sometimes I live with them for half a year before I can decide which images make the cut and fit into a series. I scan on an Imacon and do light retouching in PS. I output to digital c-prints from the good folks at Print Space.

What are your plans and aspirations for the future regarding photography?

My photographic ambitions mainly involve working on a project I believe in, carrying the thought through, and presenting it. On the other hand, my travel wish list is constantly growing.

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