Multimedia Laboratory

Interview with photographer | Scott Darling

Describe your start in photography.

I first became interested in photography at a young age as my father was always documenting our family life with his Nikon F. I was always curious about the lenses and of the sound of the cloth shutter opening and closing.

Who are some of your favorite photographers and why do you admire their work?

I have always admired the work of Irving Penn, he was a master at composition, a craftsman of light, and an amazing printer. In a more modern context I have appreciated the work of Thomas Demand. Demand is a brilliant thinker and it shows in his creations that he photographs.

What is your greatest experience as a photographer?

The greatest experience as a photographer is having a creative career, collaborating with very talented people who all love photography in one way or another.

What equipment do you prefer to use and why?

I still love to shoot my Hassleblad 503 with traditional lenses fitted with a Leaf back in the studio; the camera fits nicely into my hands and the lenses are sharp as ever. I do miss shooting 4 x 5 with film; there was always something peaceful about going under the dark cloth, having a moment to yourself, composing the shot. I have been really enjoying the Canon 5D Mark II for shooting outside [and its] super sensitivity in low light with super sharp and fast lenses.

Describe your editing process (i.e. How do you go about selecting, retouching and printing your photographs?)

All studio work is shot on the Leaf back tethered with Capture One to a Mac tower. Selects are made and processed as DNGs then opened in Photoshop. I collaborate with retouchers for both commercial and fine art output. My computer systems are calibrated the same as the retouchers so there is a consistent work flow from the lab to the studio. Printing is done here in the studio up to 16 x 20 and larger sizes are printed at the lab. The work that is the most defining tends to be illustrative and conceptual with strong use of color and whimsical accents. It is nice to have fun with photography.

What are your plans and aspirations for the future regarding photography?

As we forge ahead into this digital world I plan on continuing to be a visual thinker and to produce images, both still and moving.

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